'Por Que No Me Ves' [Why Don't You See Me] 06'37'' 2016


Por Que No Me Ves is a film with estranged archetypal suggestions,

translations and continuous re-presentations of one woman left alone.

It portrays a broken character, who is fragmented and dissected by herself and others, over and over again.

The archival footage functions as provocation to create an interchangeable and troubled persona.

The piece longs to dismantle the traditional modes of understanding and reading cinematic reality.

It challenges the role of the director, the actor and the viewer simultaneously,

generating an anxiety in their contrived relation,

developing dissonance and evoking rupture within the cinematic construction itself.

Meditating interventions that insert disorder, repetition and transparency into its spoken words:

‘’The realism you want is not the realism I will give you’’.


Director: Lisa-Marie Vlietstra

Cinematography: Daniel Donato, Lisa-Marie Vlietstra

Starring: Milena Naef, Dolores Moreno Gomèz






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